LET team received new project, TunTuVa (Emotion Regulation Support in Early Childhood Education), funding

LET team received new project funding from the Finnish National Agency for Education. New project called TunTuVa (Emotion Regulation Support in Early Childhood Education) started beginning of this year and it is on until the June 2020.

The aim of the project is to increase early childhood educators’ awareness of children’s emotion regulation processes and of the ways to support them during sosio-emotional challenges, which children face in everyday day care settings.

During the project researchers of LET are developing 4T-model to help early childhood educators become more aware of the theoretical aspects of emotion regulation, emotion regulation strategies and emotion regulation supports as well as to help educators to recognize the socio-emotional learning challenges children face in day care settings. This model will be tested in real day care settings later this year to see how it works in practice and how it is affecting to early childhood educators professional development.

Project is supported by City of Oulu, Sampola day care center and Open early childhood education service Lastu, Professors Kati Mäkitalo and Anna-Maija Puroila from the University of Oulu, postdoctoral researcher Pekka Mertala from University of Oulu, and university lecturer Arttu Mykkänen from the University of Tampere.

You can read more about the project from the project’s web-sites (in Finnish or English).


Last updated: 24.4.2019