Junyi's story


My passion for learning design stemmed from working as an English teacher in China. Over a year’s teaching practice made me see the importance of understanding how people learn and designing effective learning. We are living in an era of information, the role technology plays in learning is going to be dominant. I chose to further my education in the LET program because I see the potential to grow my expertise in learning science and learn how to enhance learning with technology.

The LET program has strengthened my knowledge and skills for learning designer. The theoretical studies gave me a clear picture of major domains in learning science and the practical training allowed me to test different methods and solutions introduced in everyday study. Currently, I’m working as pedagogy specialist in an education technology company in Helsinki, and my main job is to develop learning modules that incorporate emerging technologies such as Augmented Reality and 3D Printing for K12 students. I love what I’m working on at the moment, but in the future I would like to delve into adult learning, like professional development in corporate sector.

I’m very much career oriented. For a learning designer, work experience is essential. Many companies and organizations have hard requirements for hands-on experience when it comes to hiring a learning designer. Therefore, to build up work experience during study can be of great help. Internship is always a good start as it enables one to gain insights into the line of work and figure out what you need to build up for the future. I’ve been told many times that you have to be extremely lucky to find an intern position in Finland; however, my experience told me being proactive and persistent brings opportunities.

Another valuable asset that LET program has gifted me goes to my classmates. I’ve learned a lot from these great minds and many of us have helped and supported each other along the way. It was a truly amazing journey. So, if you were to be a part of the LET family, make sure to connect with your classmates, your mentor, your professors, ‘cause not only will they help with your study and career, but also accompany you through the harsh winter.

Junyi Sun, LET 2016

Last updated: 19.9.2019