13.1.2020 News

Iris.ai workshop 18.2.2020

Join the workshop at your campus in February and get started with Iris.ai - your AI science assistant.

10.1.2020 News

Books on literary criticism, geography and music have been relocated in the Pegasus Library

The following collections have been relocated in the Pegasus Library:

10.1.2020 News

Reserving and using the group study rooms in Pegasus Library

The group study rooms in Pegasus Library (2nd and 3rd floor) are meant for groups of two or more people.

9.1.2020 News

RefWorks: problems in direct export

The direct export from EBSCO, Scopus and Ovid are not currently working.

8.1.2020 News

Library ABC for the new international students

Kummi!  Bring your group to the library orientation training.

2.1.2020 News

Oula-Finna database is now working normally

Due to a server disruption Oula-Finna's customer services had to be temporarily shut down, but the problem has now been fixed.

3.12.2019 News

SciFinder-n koekäyttö / trial 2.-15.12.2019

From December 2, 2019 through December 15, 2019, users will be able to log into SciFinder-n here: https://scifinder-n.cas.org

8.11.2019 News

Library opening hours during the Christmas season (16 Dec 2019 – 6 Jan 2020)

Pegasus Library and the Medical Library will have changed opening hours around Christmas, New Year and Epiphany. The holiday period opening hours are listed below. You can always check the opening hours for each day in Oula-Finna as well. No due dates will be set for the days the libraries are closed.

18.10.2019 News

Learn effective techniques for scientific information retrieval

030008P Information skills for foreign degree students (1 ECTS) is aimed at the international degree students of

20.9.2019 News

Workshop – Speed up your literature review with Iris.ai 29.10.2019

Join the workshop at your campus in October and get started with Iris.ai - your AI science assistant.

19.9.2019 News

Refurbished facilities in the Medical Library

With the opening on 17 September of Tellus Kontinkangas, the Medical Library at the Kontinkangas campus has also been refurbished.

17.9.2019 News

Library card in Tuudo

Tuudo mobile app for University of Oulu students and staff members also has a library card.

18.6.2019 News

Pegasus Library and Medical Library will be closed for part of the summer

University of Oulu Library units are closed during Midsummer 21.-23.6. In addition, the library units are closed in the summer as follows:

12.6.2019 News

Päätalo-juttusarja kirjaston blogissa jatkuu

Päätalo-juttusarjamme jatkuu professori Harri Mantilan blogikirjoituksella Nöyryytys ja hyvitys.

27.5.2019 News

Loans renewed automatically in the summer

During the summer months (2 June – 1 September 2019) your loans will be renewed automatically, unless your borrowing rights are suspended or there are requests for the items you have borrowed.

21.5.2019 News

Changes to library opening hours and services in the summer

From 1 June to 31 August the libraries will have changed opening hours. This will also affect the availability of library services in summer.

15.5.2019 News

"Parempi myöhään kuin ei ollenkaan" Päätalosta kirjaston blogissa

Tällä kertaa Professori Pirkko Nuolijärvi

24.4.2019 News

Vapun aukioloajat - Library opening hours during May Day

Tiedekirjasto Pegasus ja Lääketieteen kirjasto suljetaan tiistaina 30.4. klo 16.00.Keskiviikkona 1.5. kirjastot ovat kiinni

17.4.2019 News

Päätalo kiinnostaa Iijoen kasvattia

Kirjastoblogissa nyt Päätaloviikolla 2010 pidetyn lukijatapahtuman puheenvuoro Kalle Erkomalta

9.4.2019 News

Pääsiäisen aukioloajat - Library opening hours during Easter

Tiedekirjasto Pegasus ja Lääketieteen kirjasto sulkevat ovensa torstaina 18.4. klo 16.00. Kirjastot ovat kiinni 19.-22.4.2019.

8.4.2019 News

Agreement between Wiley and FinELib until the end of 2019

FinElib's announcement about the agreement:

2.4.2019 News

Ordering of books from the National Repository Library changes

The universal borrowing service provided by the library has enabled customers to independently order books to our library from the National Repository Library, Oulu University of Applied Sciences L

28.3.2019 News

Jalava ja Päätalo

Kirjaston blogissa nyt toinen Kalle Päätalon juhlavuoden blogiki