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7.5.2021 News

On Ascension Day (Thursday, 13 May) all library units are closed

On Wednesday, 12 May, Health and Social Care Library is open until 3pm, normal opening hours in other libraries. On Ascension Day, 13 May, the libraries are closed.

3.5.2021 News

Ebsco eBook Collection: download of full e-books not available on 5–12 May

EBSCO e-book collection is under system update on 5–12 May.

22.4.2021 News

Restrictions on the library services will be lifted on 26 April

The restrictions on the library services, which have been in force since December 2020, will be lifted on 26 April 2021. You will be able to study in the library reading rooms and group study rooms and use the workstations in the library. Please visit the library only when you are healthy and without flu symptoms and carefully follow the COVID-19 safety instructions in the libraries.

21.4.2021 News

Library Lounge on Zoom Mon-Fri at 3pm-4pm

Bored at home, studies jamming, sources lost? Stop by our virtual Library Lounge and ask whatever concerning the library and information retrieval!

16.4.2021 News

Temporarily interruptions in HAKA logins – issue has now been fixed

There have been interruptions in HAKA logins on April 15, 2021 at 9:00 pm - April 16, 2021 at 10:06 am.

8.4.2021 News webinars in April is an AI-tool that comes with access to open access papers via and includes the integration of

25.3.2021 News

Limited services in Oulu University Library will continue until at least 25 April 2021

The limited services in Oulu University Library due to the worsening COVID-19 situation in the region will continue at least until 25 April, 2021. Self-service borrowing and returning of library ma

19.2.2021 News

Problems with Safari browser when downloading certain pdf files on iOS devices

There have been problems downloading/opening pdf files for certain e-materials with the Safari browser on iOS devices (e.g. iPad).

4.2.2021 News

Make use of the collections of the National Repository Library easily and free of charge

You can take a lot of advantage of the services provided by the National Repository Library, especially now with the present restrictions on spending time on campus.

1.2.2021 News webinars this spring is hosting online workshops for researchers and students of the University of Oulu.

21.1.2021 News

ForestBioFacts – new digital learning environment about forest-based products and technologies for University of Oulu students and staff

ForestBioFacts includes everything you need to know about forest-based products and technologies in its 16 themes.

18.1.2021 News

New e-journals: Nature Metabolism and Nature Climate Change

University of Oulu students and staff now have access to two new e-journals: Nature Metabolism

18.1.2021 News

Oxford University Press Journals now available for university students and staff – 368 journals across six subject collections

The Oxford University Press Full Collection e-journals are now available for the University of Oulu students and staff. The e-journal package currently includes 368 journals from the following disc

5.1.2021 News

Access to Encyclopedia Britannica Online and The Times Digital Archive 1785-1985 has expired

Access to the following e-materials has ended at the beginning of 2021:

11.12.2020 News

Library has sent a borrowing activity letter to library users (a reminder of patron's loans and their due dates)

Library has sent a borrowing activity letter to all library users.

30.11.2020 News

Information service desk in Pegasus Library will be closed 1 Dec 2020 – 10 Jan 2021

Information Service desk on the 2nd floor of Pegasus Library will be closed on 1 December due to the corona situation.

19.11.2020 News

Oamk's DVD collection is now available for loan on top floor of the Pegasus Library

Oamk DVD collection (P AV) is now available for loan on top floor of the Pegasus Library. The DVD shelves are located behind the fiction and literary studies collections.

11.11.2020 News

Please wear a mask in the library

Please wear a mask when visiting or studying in the library. If you don't have your own mask with you, disposable masks are distributed in the libraries. Please note!

10.11.2020 News

Covidence – a tool for systematic review management

Oulu University students and staff have access to Covidence,  a web-based tool for systematic review management. You can import references from databases to Covidence.

3.11.2020 News

Oamk's sheet music now available in Pegasus Library

The sheet music from Oamk's former Kotkantie Library can now be browsed and borrowed in the new music room on the top floor of the Pegasus Library.

28.10.2020 News

Important information about student and staff email addresses in the library customer database

With the new library system, the contact information of students and staff of University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences are updated in the library’s user register directly from the

16.10.2020 News webinars this autumn is hosting an online workshop for researchers and students of the University of Oulu on Tuesday 3rd November 20

6.10.2020 News

Library's Zoom service during October & November for Oamk students and staff

Senior Information Specialist Tomi Pelkonen helps Oamk students and staff with information retrieval and using e-resources via Zoom on Tuesdays at 13.00-15.00 during October and November.

29.9.2020 News

Oamk books in Pegasus Library

The books transferred from the collections of the former Teuvo Pakkalan katu and Kotkantie libraries are now in their place in the field-specific collections of Pegasus Library.