Electronic Legal Deposit

Online materials and radio and television materials archived based on the legislation can be accessed at legal deposit libraries using designated legal deposit workstations. At the University of Oulu, the legal deposit workstation is available to all customers (user ID not required) in the Pegasus Library, room PK247.

The use of the material is governed by the Copyright Act. Based on the Copyright Act the legal deposit workstations are subject to the following rules:

  • Contents can be read, listened to and viewed
  • Digital copies cannot be made of the contents
  • Contents cannot be saved on the customer’s own recording device
  • The workstations have no Internet connection or e-mail application installed

In addition to this, the legal deposit workstations can be used to utilise other copyrighted material digitized by the National Library of Finland, such as domestic journals and newspapers:

Older digitized journals and newspapers are freely available online.

Telephone: 0294 48 3501
E-mail: kirjasto@oulu.fi

Further  information: kirjasto.kokoelmat@oulu.fi

The National Library of Finland and the National Audiovisual Archive (KAVA) are responsible for collecting the cultural material and making it available.

Last updated: 9.12.2015