The EU collection

The Oulu University Library EU collection is built up from acquisitions though its EDC status, making it a recipient of legal deposits. The collection is supplemented by purchased acquisitions. The EU collection is located on the second floor of the Pegasus Library. Material received as a result of Finnish legal deposit library status, such as treaties, are usually located in the relevant subject based collections.

The distribution of documents is controlled by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities (Publications Office), which is located in Luxemburg. The documents sent to Oulu University Library are in Finnish. Official documents in other official languages of the EU can be found in specific databases. The EU collection contains:

  •  laws and other material on legislative matters
  •  documents of the Court of Justice of the European Communities
  •  statistics
  •  reports, reviews, briefs
  •  periodicals
  •  reference books and dictionaries

The EU collection has been divided up as follows:

EU Legislation
EU Courts of Justice
EU Statistics
EU Periodicals
EU L: Material available for loan
EU K: Reference Library material

The materials in the collection are catalogued in the Library’s OULA database. The material in the EU collection is for the most part available for loan, though some items can only be found in the reference library and should be used only on the premises.

EU collection

Last updated: 13.10.2015