Aatto Sonninen Collection

Professor Aatto Sonninen has donated material in the fields of logopaedics and phoniatrics from his own personal scientific library. The donation includes books, offprints of articles organised by topic, work group memoranda and personal correspondence with international researchers in the field. Included in it is a great deal of unique material, such as rare conference proceedings, other extremely difficult-to-obtain offprints of original articles by sound research pioneers , as well as valuable classical dissertations from the field of speech and sound research. Included is also an extensive four-volume bibliography of Professor Sonninen’s work from 1954 through 1999. The collection is kept with the other material on logopaedics in the Pegasus Library.

Professor Aatto Sonninen was one of the pioneers of sound and speech research in Finland. For decades he was the most internationally renowned researcher and teacher in the fields of logopaedics and phoniatrics in Finland. He also served on the boards of several international scientific organisations in the fields of logopaedics and phoniatrics for a long time. His personal research focused on the study of the sound in particular. Professor Aatto Sonninen had a central role in the discussions preceding the establishment of the chairs of both phoniatrics and logopaedics at the University of Oulu.


Last updated: 25.6.2012