Disciplines of Science and Technology

Information Skills for foreign degree students -course

Information Skills for foreign degree students 030008P (1 ECTS credit) is intended for the degree students of the disciplines of Science and Technology. The aim of the course is that the students know the different phases of information retrieval process and the basic techniques of scientific information retrieval. They will also learn to find and use the most important reference databases of their discipline and know how to evaluate information sources and retrieval results.

Registering for the course is done by using WebOodi.


  • Web-based learning materials: the theory of information retrieval through practical examples. The web materials include exercises found in the Optima learning environment.
  • Training sessions: An introduction to scientifific information retrieval and the most important information sources with practice in using them.
  • Final assignment on a topic of the students' own choice

 For further information, please contact

Ursula Heinikoski, Information Specialist
Tel. 0294 481087
email: ursula.heinikoski (at) oulu.fi

Last updated: 16.10.2017