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P 00                   Science and culture. Politics of science
P 001.81            Guides to research. Scientific writing. Research methods
P 004                 Information technology
P 02                   Information studies. Media. Communications


P 15          Psychology


P 2            Religion. Theology. Science of religion


P 31                Demography. Migration. Refugees
P 316              Sociology, general
P 316.3           Structure and development of societies. Social classes. Communities. Social change
P 316.6           Social groups. Family sociology. Social psychology. Youth research. Childhood research
P 316.66         Gender studies
P 316.7           Cultural studies. Sociology of culture
P 32                Politics. Political science
P 327              International relations. International politics. Foreign policy
P 33                Basic concepts and research subjects in economics. Regional economics. Land and housing. Cooperatives
P 330.101.541 Macrotheory
P 330.101.542 Microtheory
P 330.115      Econometrics. Mathematical research methods in economics
P 330.15        Environmental economy
P 330.3          Economic development. Economic systems. Economic growth. Economic cycle
P 330.5          Balance of the economy. National income. Standard of living
P 330.8          Economic theories and doctrines. History of economic theories
P 331             Working life. Labour market. Work science
P 336             Public economy. Taxation and customs
P 336.7          Money. Banking. Stock market
P 338             State of the economy. Economic cycle. Prices. Economic policy. Economic history
P 338.3/.4     Production. Services
P 339             Trade. Domestic trade. Consumption
P 339.9          International economic relations. World economy. Economic integration
P 34/35          Law. Legislation. Public administration
P 36               Social security. Social policy. Housing. Insurance


P LASTENKIRJAT  Children's books


P 37.01     Educational sciences. Educational philosophy. Educational theories. Educational psychology.
                 Educational sociology. Educational systems
P 37.02     Education systems. Educational policy
P 37.031   Early childhood education. Nursery schools
P 37.032   Preschool education. Elementary instruction
P 37.033   Learning materials used in preschool education and elementary instruction
P 37.042   Special education
P 37.043   Multicultural education
P 37.047   Study guidance. Vocational guidance
P 37.061   School administration. School histories
P 37.062   Teachers. Teacher education
P 37.063   School discipline. School bullying. Cooperation between home and school
P 37.10     Evaluation of teaching and learning
P 37.11     Educational technology. School premises
P 37.12     Didactics. Pedagogics. Teaching methods
P 37.13     Curricula


P 372.5      Mathematics, natural sciences and information technology
P 372.6      Health education and physical education
P 372.7      Arts and crafts education
P 372.8      Mother tongue and literature. Literacy. Drama education. Media education
P 372.9      History, religion, life philosophy and social studies
P 372OPPI  Textbooks used in basic education and upper secondary school

P 374         Adult education. Youth education
P 377         Vocational education. Polytechnics. Vocational institutions
P 378         Academic education. Universities


P 39      Anthropological sciences. Cultural anthropology. Ethnography. Folklore


P 5                 Natural sciences. History and philosophy of the natural sciences
P 502/504      Environmental science. Environmental questions.
                      Sustainable development
P 51:M00       Mathematics in general
P 51:M03       Mathematical logic. Set theory
P 51:M05       Combinatorics. Lattices
P 51:M08       General algebraic systems
P 51:M11       Number theory. Field theory. Polynomials
P 51:M13       Rings
P 51:M14       Algebraic geometry. Category theory. Homological algebra
P 51:M15       Linear algebra. Matrix theory
P 51:M20       Group theory. Topological groups. Lie groups
P 51:M26       Real functions. Measure and integration. Analysis
P 51:M30       Functions of a complex variable
P 51:M32       Several complex variables. Potential theory. Special functions. Partial differential equations
P 51:M34       Differential equations
P 51:M40       Sequences. Difference and functional equations. Approximations and expansions
P 51:M42       Fourier analysis. Abstract harmonic analysis
P 51:M45       Integral equations. Integral transforms. Operational calculus
P 51:M46       Functional analysis. Operator theory. Calculus of variations. Optimization
P 51:M51       Geometry
P 51:M53       Differential geometry. Manifolds. Global analysis
P 51:M54       Topology
P 51:M60       Probability theory and stochastic processes
P 51:M62       Statistics
P 51:M65       Numerical analysis. Applied mathematics
P 51:M68       Mathematical computer science
P 51:M70       Mathematical physics
P 52               Astronomy. Astrophysics. Solar system. Celestial mechanics. Stars. Universe. Cosmic rays. Cosmology.
                      Geodesy. Photogrammetry. Cartography
P 53               Physics
P 53.08          Measurement technique
P 530.1          Basic principles of physics. Relativity principle. Quantum theory
P 531             General mechanics. Mechanics of solids. Continuum mechanics
P 532/533     Mechanics of fluids and gases. Plasma physics
P 534             Mechanical vibrations. Acoustic vibrations. Technical acoustics
P 535             Optics. Spectra in general.
P 536             Heat. Thermodynamics
P 537             Electricity
P 538.9          Physics of condensed matter
P 539             Properties of solids. Deformations
P 539.1          Nuclear physics. Atomics physics. Molecular physics. Elementary and simple particles
P 54               Chemistry, general. History of chemistry
P 54.05          Production. Synthesis. Preparation. Purification
P 54-12         Polymer chemistry
P 543             Analytical chemistry
P 543.4          Spectral analysis. Spectrography. Spectroscopy. Spectrometry
P 543.5          Chromatography. Mass spectrometry
P 544             Physical chemistry
P 546             Inorganic chemistry
P 547             Organic chemistry
P 548             Crystallography
P 549             Mineralogy
P 55               Geosciences. Geology. Regional geology. Applied geology and geophysics
P 550.3          Geophysics
P 550.4          Geochemistry
P 551.2          Internal geodynamics. Endogenous processes. General structure of the Earth
P 551.3          External geodynamics. Exogenous processes. Geomorphology. Oceanography
P 551.5          Meteorology. Climatology
P 551.7          Historical geology. Stratigraphy. Geochronology
P 552             Petrology. Petrography. Sediments
P 553             Ore geology. Non-metallic mineral deposits
P 556             Hydrosphere. Hydrology. Water resources. Limnology
P 56               Paleontology
P 57               Biological sciences, general
P 574             Ecology. Ecosystems. Populations. Hydrobiology
P 575             Genetics. Population genetics. Evolution
P 577             Biochemistry. Molecular biology. Cell biology. Biophysics
P 579             Microbiology
P 58               Botany
P 581.1          Plant physiology. Plant morphology
P 581.5          Plant ecology. Plant sociology
P 581.9E        Geographic botany. Europe
P 581.9M       Geographic botany. Rest of the world
P 582.2          Cryptogamae
P 582.28        Fungi
P 582.4          Magnoliophyta. Pinophytina. Magnoliophytina. Liliopsida. Magnoliopsida
P 59               Zoology. Geographic zoology
P 591.1          Animal physiology. Ontogeny. Embryology. Anatomy. Histology
P 591.5          Animal ecology. Ethology
P 592             Invertebrata
P 596             Chordata. Pisces. Amphibia. Reptilia
P 598             Aves
P 599             Mammalia


P 608          Patents. Inventions
P 61            Medicine. Nursing science. Public health
P 62            Technology, general
P 620          Materials testing. Investigation of structure of materials. Metallography. Corrosion. Materials.
                   Materials technology. Composites. Ceramics. Plastics
P 620.9       Energy economics. Energy production. Energy politics
P 621          Mechanical engineering. Applied nuclear science. Steam engines and boilers. Hydraulics.
                   Hydraulic machinery
P 621.3       Electrical engineering in general. History of electrical engineering
P 621.3.049       Electrical circuits and networks
P 621.315.5       Electronic materials
P 621.318          Electromagnetism
P 621.37            Wave propagation in a medium. Transmission lines and antennas
P 621.374          Digital electronics
P 621.38:61       Medical engineering
P 621.382          Electronic components
P 621.383          Optoelectronics
P 621.39            Telecommunication in general. Telecommunication networks. Transmission systems
P 621.391          Telecommunications theory: information theory, signal theory. Signal processing
P 621.395/.397 Telephone tehnology. Radio engineering. Radar technology. Television and display engineering
P 621.4/.6         Heat engines. Combustion engines. Pneumatics. Gas and liquid transportation. Pumps
P 621.7              Forging. Foundry engineering. Rolling. Heat treatment of metals. Surface treatment. Gluing. Welding
P 621.8              Machine elements. Conveying equipment. Fasteners. Seals. Design of machine elements.
                         Technical drawing. Bearings. Shafts. Couplings. Mechanical transmissions. Flexible transmissions.
                         Gears. Cams. Mechanisms. Lubrication. Tribology
P 621.9              Machining with chip formation. NC-machines
P 622                 Mining. Processing of raw materials
P 624                 Civil engineering. Mechanics of structures. Ice and snow. Offshore. Water resources engineering
P 624.1              Geotechnics. Environmental geotechnics. Earthwork. Tunnels
P 628             Water supply and wastewater treatment. Water supply. Water treatment. Sewerage. Wastewater treatment.
                      Waste treatment
P 629            Transport vehicle engineering. Air and space transport engineering. Astronautics
P 630            Forestry. Agriculture. Horticulture. Soil science. Plant protection
P 636            Animal husbandry. Fur animals. Hunting. Fishing. Fish breeding
P 64              Housekeeping. Cooking. Food
P 65              Business administration and organization. Management
P 657            Accounting. Bookkeeping
P 658            Business economics. Enterprises. Logistics
P 658.1         Business financing
P 658.3         Human resources in the enterprise
P 658.5         Production engineering and planning. Production management
P 658.512.2  Product design. Product development. Machine design
P 658.52       Automated production. FMS. CIM. CAM
P 658.562     Quality. Quality management
P 658.58       Condition monitoring. Reliability. Safety of machinery
P 658.8         Marketing. Sales
P 66              Process engineering. Chemical engineering. Chemical industries
P 66.01         Chemical factories. Plant design
P 66.021       Unit operations. Momentum transfer. Mass transfer. Heat transfer
P 66.023       Reactors. Tanks
P 66.06/.07  Chemical technology of fluids and gases
P 66.09         Special processes. Ion exchange. Molecular sieves. Granulation. Fluidization. Catalysts
P 661            Chemicals
P 662            Fuels. Combustion. Explosives
P 663.1         Biotechnology
P 669            Metallurgy. Welding metallurgy. Process metallurgy. Phase transformations. Ferrous metals.
                     Steel. Non-ferrous metals
P 676            Pulp and paper technology. Pulp and paper machinery
P 68.00         Textile work
P 68.01         Sewing
P 68.02         Knitting. Crocheting
P 68.03         Weaving
P 68.04         Embroidery. Bobbin lace making. Hemstitching. Knotting
P 68.05         Textile printing. Dyeing. Felting
P 68.10         Technical work. Technology education
P 68.11         Woodwork
P 68.12         Metalwork
P 68.14         Electrotechnology. Electronics
P 68.15         Other crafts
P 681            Precision mechanisms
P 681.5         Control engineering. Control systems. Automation. Mathematical process models. Identification.
                     Modelling. Parameters. Simulation. Control systems. Sensors. Servos. Actuators
P 681.5:621.8 Robots. Mechatronics
P 69              Housing construction. Prefabricated construction. Housing economics. Fireplaces
P 69.02            Structural parts and elements of buildings
P 69.059          Maintenance of buildings. Damage. Repair. Reuse
P 691               Building materials. Buildings constructed of different materials
P 693/694        Building practice and procedure. Wooden structures
P 696/697        Heating, plumbing and ventilation
P 699.8            Protection of and in buildings. Waterproofing. Heat insulation. Soundproofing             


P 7                   Visual arts. Art history. Aesthetics of art. Philosophy of art
P 711               Urban and regional planning in general. Regional planning. Rural planning
P 711.4            Urban planning
P 711.4.02       Urban planning: renovation, preservation, renewal
P 711.4.03       Urban planning: history, styles and stylistic periods
P 711.5            Units, areas within the town or settlement
P 711.7            Traffic planning. Streets. Squares
P 712               Landscape planning. Parks. Gardens
P 72                 Architecture. Art of building in general
P 72.01            Aesthetics and theory of architecture and planning
P 72.02            Preservation. Restoration
P 72.03            History of architecture
P 72.032          Stylistic periods of ancient times. Oriental and occidental classic styles
P 72.033          Medieval styles
P 72.034          Renaissance. Baroque. Rococo
P 72.035          19th century styles
P 72.036          Contemporary architecture: in general
P 72.036(4)      Contemporary architecture: Europe
P 72.036(48)    Contemporary architecture: Finland and other Nordic countries
P 72.036(5/6)  Contemporary architecture: Asia, Africa, Australia
P 72.036(7/8)  Contemporary architecture: North and South America
P 72.04            Architectural details. Decoration
P 721               Buildings in general. Interiors
P 721.02          Working practice. Drawings. Models
P 721:628.39   Lighting engineering. Lighting design
P 725               Administrative buildings. Commercial buildings
P 725.3            Traffic buildings. Storage buildings
P 725.4            Industrial buildings. Factories. Workshops
P 725.5            Hospitals. Day nurseries. Social services buildings
P 725.7            Restaurants. Public baths and swimming pools. Park buildings
P 725.8            Entertainment, cultural and sports buildings
P 725.9            Public structures. Monuments. Bridges
P 726               Churches. Buildings of cemeteries
P 727               Educational buildings. Scientific research centres. Museums. Libraries
P 728               Residential buildings in general
P 728.3            Houses. Holiday residences. Temporary dwellings
P 728.5            Hotels. Accommodation buildings
P 728.6            Rural residences
P 728.8            Castles. Private palaces. Manors. Mansions
P 728.9            Outbuildings. Annex buildings. Sheds. Greenhouses. Car parks
P 73/74           Industrial design. Interior design. Design
P 741.5           Comics
P 77                Photography
P 791.4        Film. Video
P 792          Theatre. Dance. Performing arts
P 793/799  Physical exercise. Sports
P 793.2       Games
P 793.3       Role-playing games
P 793.4       Card games


P 9:004           Geoinformatics
P 91(036)        Travel guides
P 910              General geography
P 910.4           Expeditions. Travel accounts
P 911.2           Physical geography
P 911.3           Human geography. Cultural geography. Social geography
P 911.3:32      Geopolitics
P 911.3:33      Economic geography
P 911.4           Travel. Tourism
P 911.9           Planning geography
P 913              Regional geography
P 914              Europe. European Union
P 914.80         Finland
P 915              Asia
P 916              Africa
P 917/918      America
P 919              Other countries


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