Patron functions in Oula-Finna are out of use 29 June – 26 July

Oula-Finna will be upgraded during summer. You will not be able to place requests or renew your loans in Oula-Finna 29 June – 26 July.

All requests for on-loan items will be cancelled with the upgrade. If you have any pending requests, please make a note of them before 29 June and place the requests again in Oula-Finna after 27 July.

Your favourites and searches saved in Oula-Finna will not be transferred to the new library system. If you have any favourites or searches saved in your own account, make a backup of them by 28 June.

Oula-Finna will be available through the summer for searching and browsing library material. Electronic materials can also be accessed normally.

Last updated: 3.7.2020