Oula-Finna has been updated: changes, for example, in login and links

The appearance of Oula-Finna has been refreshed and due to the new library system there is some changes also in functionalities. Also a separate portal has been added for Oamk students and staff.

Oulu University Library has replaced the old library system with a new system, Alma. This means some changes also in Oula-Finna functionalities. In addition, the new library system has more tools for customer communication so in future we have more ways to inform our customers.

Oulu University and Oamk have their own Finna portal

Oulun University and Oamk have now their own portals in Oula-Finna. Oula-Finna University portal includes e-resources acquired for the University of Oulu and Oula-Finna Oamk portal includes the e-resources acquired for Oamk. In both portals you can search for the printed material of Oulu University Library and National Repository Library as well as the references of Finnish periodical and monograph articles in Arto.

Finna portals can be found in:

Logging in

Students and staff of University of Oulu and Oamk will log into Oula-Finna with their institutional user accounts (so called Haka Login), just like before. If you don’t see your loans, you need to add your library card to your account. See instructions

Other customers’ login functionality changes. They can create a free Finna ID or log in with their email address. We recommend creating a Finna ID and adding the library card to Finna account, after which loans can be seen without any email confirmation links.

When logging in with email address, Oula-Finna sends a link to the customer’s email for allowing the customer to view their personal data and loan information. The customer’s email address needs to be exactly the same as it is in the library database. Logging in with email address is for one time only – next time the customer needs to repeat the same phases again. See more detailed instructions

Requests for both on-loan and on-shelf items

When placing a hold request for an item, using the Hold-button makes a request for both on-loan and on-shelf items.

Ordering legal deposit material from the legal deposit archive in Pegasus Library

The staff of Oulu University and Oamk can order legal deposit material by making a normal request in Oula-Finna using the Hold-button. The hold request covers both the material available for home loans as well as the on-loan and on-shelf reading room/research loans. The staff usually gets the item that is soonest available.

The students of Oulu University and Oamk and other customers can order these reading room/research loans for reading room use from legal deposit archive with a form in Oula-Finna. Link to the form is visible only when the item needed is in place in the archive.

Links to Oula-Finna material need to be updated

If you have saved links of books, journals or articles in Oula-Finna, they don´t necessarily work due to the changed library system. You need to search the material again in Oula-Finna and then copy the link and update the link to where you have saved it (in Moodle for example). The new Oula-Finna includes more links to e-books, e-publications and e-journals. The forms of links may vary, and their titles will be modified and unified in future. The links should, however, give you access to the material.

Any feedback on the new Oula-Finna service is welcome: kirjasto@oulu.fi

Last updated: 24.8.2020