Automatic renewal of loans ended on 31 August – remember to check the due dates of your loans!

This summer’s automatic renewal of loans has ended on 31 August 2020. Please check the due dates of your loans and renew them if necessary, either in Oula-Finna or through the Tuudo mobile application. You can also renew your loans by contacting the library by phone or by sending a renewal request to Loans with pending hold requests cannot be renewed.

Even though loans are renewed automatically during the summer, the patrons are always responsible for observing the due dates of their loans. Email reminders sent by the library don’t  exempt them from the responsibility to renew or return their loans on time. Recently some of the due date reminders sent by the library system have for some reason not been delivered to the patrons’ email. We are currently investigating the issue. 
Please note also that the due date reminder set in Oula-Finna must be reactivated due to the system change.

All teaching at both the University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences is still conducted mostly online, but the libraries were opened on 1 June 2020, after the closure due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last updated: 21.9.2020