Oamk's sheet music now available in Pegasus Library

The sheet music from Oamk's former Kotkantie Library can now be browsed and borrowed in the new music room on the top floor of the Pegasus Library. Sheet music up to class 78.5 is already on the shelves. Unshelved sheet music as well as reference sheet music are temporarily in the book trolleys which are arranged and marked by class.

The furnishing of the music room is still in progress, and most of Oamk's music books and AV materials are still out of use.

The university’s music books are still located in a temporary space in the corridor of the top floor group study rooms. If necessary, contact the library's customer service for assistance in locating the materials.

We sincerely apologize for the delay in moving the music and AV materials!

Map of the top floor of Pegasus Library. The new music room is marked on the left and
the temporary location for university's music books on the right.

Last updated: 3.11.2020