ORCID researcher identifier

University of Oulu supports the use of ORCID in Finland. The National Connect Service links your ORCID ID to the information systems of the University of Oulu after which your ORCID is saved also in your Oulun yliopisto tutkii (SoleCris) –researcher profile. When included in your profile ORCID is transferred with publication information into the national systems and could be utilized e.g. by the Academy of Finland.

ORCID resolves confusion arising from name changes, researchers with the same name, or different ways of writing a person’s name. ORCID also enables your research outputs to be automatically linked to each other and will, over time, reduce the need to enter the same personal and publication data into many different systems. There are currently over 5 million ORCID identifiers in use across the globe. Many publishers and research funders require the use of ORCID ID.

Ensure visibility for your research and link your ORCID to the information systems of the university following the button below. If you do not have an ORCID ID yet you can create it at the same time.

Create and connect your ORCID ID

Note. The national connect service is currently out of order for the University of Oulu. You can make an ORCID identifier at https://orcid.org and submit your identifier to the university's systems by e-mail to bibliometriikka@oulu.fi.