One thousand ORCID identifiers created by University of Oulu researchers

The ORCID identifier has established itself as an important researcher identifier. It prevents confusion caused by name changes, identical names and different spellings of names. There are currently over
4 million active ORCID iDs. Many publishers and funders require the use of ORCID iDs, which has significantly increased the number of identifiers.

Over one thousand researchers with an affiliation to the University of Oulu have already registered for an ORCID iD. The ORCID iDs of University of Oulu researchers are also collected to the university’s own information systems, where ca. 400 identifiers exist at the moment. The identifiers are included in the researchers’ own profiles in the Oulun yliopisto tutkii database. Since the possibilities of utilising ORCID iDs will improve in future, all researchers are advised to link their identifiers to the university’s information systems.

First of all you should check whether your ORCID iD is in your profile in the Oulun yliopisto tutkii database ( If the identifier is missing, go to to link your ORCID iD to the university’s information systems. If you do not yet have an ORCID iD, you can create one using the same service.

For help and guidance in matters related to ORCID identifiers, please contact Oulu University Library’s Biliometrics Services at

Last updated: 18.1.2018