Access to Taylor & Francis and Wiley electronic publications at risk at the turn of the year

Current licenses negotiated by the FinELib consortium that grant access to electronic material published by Taylor & Francis and Wiley will expire at the end of 2018. Negotiations are ongoing, but it is still doubtful whether they will be successful. If not, this will mean that we will no longer be able to access materials published by T&F and Wiley. Therefore, researchers and students should prepare themselves for the termination of the agreement.

Researchers can access materials published by these publishers until the end of the current license period.
Taylor & Francis has notified that researchers will have access to the material until the end of January 2019.
Wiley has not announced whether its electronic material will be available after the turn of the year.

FinELib is a consortium of Finnish universities, research institutions and public libraries. It negotiates e-resource license agreements for the Finnish scholarly community.

Wiley online:

Taylor & Francis online:

Learn more about the ongoing negotiations

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Tiina Jounio, Oulun yliopiston kirjasto,
Arja Tuuliniemi, FinELib,

Last updated: 3.1.2019