Changes to library opening hours and services in the summer

From 1 June to 31 August the libraries will have changed opening hours. This will also affect the availability of library services in summer. Please check our summer opening hours here.

The Pegasus Library will be closed for two weeks in the summer, between 20 July and 4 August. The Medical Library will be closed from 1 July to 4 August. You will not be able to place on-shelf requests through Oula-Finna when the library is closed.

The Pegasus Library information service desk on the library’s 1st floor will be open Mon-Fri 12-15 from 24 June to 9 August. During Pegasus Library’s summer closure between 20 July and 4 August the information service will be closed as well.

The interlibrary service will be closed between 20 July and 4 August. The availability of material through the interlibrary service may be limited during the summer, due to the possible summer closure of other libraries.

During the summer months (2 June – 1 September 2019) your loans will be renewed automatically, unless your borrowing rights are suspended or there are requests for the items you have borrowed. If you receive an advance e-mail notification of approaching due dates, please check the due dates, return the items or contact the library. The items must be returned inside the library no later than on the due date, during the library’s opening hours. Overdue items may incur late fees. Please keep in mind that even though your loans are renewed automatically, you are always responsible for all your borrowed items and that they are returned by their due date.

Last updated: 4.6.2019