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Literature may be taken as a major in the Faculty of Humanities. Students of Literature can freely choose subsidiary subjects from related disciplines, such as Art History and Film Studies. Another subsidiary subject possibility is Finnish, which is taken by many Literature students with the goal of becoming employed in the field of education or communications. Many other subjects in the Faculty of Humanities, such as languages, are suitable subsidiary subjects for students in the Literature programme as are subjects from other faculties as well.

Studies in literature provide an insight into the history of literature, the theory and methodology of literature research, and into practical analysis and interpretation of literary works. Literature is examined in relation to other art forms and cultural phenomena.

In order to study Literature as a major, students must pass an entrance exam held every summer.  Students of Finnish and Saami can choose Literature as a subsidiary subject freely; Literature is also an open subsidiary subject for all other students in the university.

Last updated: 26.9.2019