ICT and Health

ICT and health

UO will strengthen ICT for health and wellbeing by creating a new well aligned research agenda between core groups in ICT by forming the “Medical ICT Center”, together with FoM and the Oulu University Hospital. The key themes within this area are healthcare IT systems, biomedical signal analysis (e.g. cardiovascular, brain,  autonomic  nervous  system,  respiration,  physical  activity),  multimodal  medical  image  and  data analysis, data-intensive wireless and cloud services (e.g. biobanks, cohorts, elderly care and post-treatment rehabilitation), HCI, and persuasive technologies (i.e. technologies designed to modify user attitudes or behaviors through the means of persuasion and social influence). Specifically, persuasive technologies are becoming increasingly important in various applications of health, including interventions for weight management, obesity, metabolic syndrome, and many other topics. Thus, to strengthen this area, a tenure track in persuasive technology with applications in health information will be considered in future AF calls.

More information available from: http://cht.oulu.fi/


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