Doctoral education

The RC provides a platfom for educating the next generation of scientists with capabilities of working in multidiscipinary groups and projects. The community currently includes 60 doctoral students, and it intends to actively recruit more in the near future.

Doctoral training is chiefly arranged thorugh the multidisciplinary Thule Institute Doctoral Programme.

In addition, LUMINOUS researchers are also members of the Eudaimonia Doctoral Program in human sciences.

Doctoral training is arranged together with the University of Oulu Graduate School (UniOGS).

The RC will initiate researcher exchange programmes for short-term placement of researchers into other RGs to facilitate communication and collaboration among the RGs.

Further, the RC will organize annual Thematic seminars to provide forums for presenting the research of the RC and foster inter- and cross-diciplinary communication.

Last updated: 16.10.2013