Research groups

The LUMINOUS RC is comprised of the following research groups:

Health and well-being RG - PI Prof. Arja Rautio 
Experts in toxicology, cold physiology, occupational and indigenous health and well-being, will study the effects of environmental stress and exposure to contaminants.

Gendering Safety RG - PIs Vappu Sunnari and Seija Jalagin
Scholars in human sciences specialized in gender and equality issues in multiple settings, both historical and present: educational environments, home and familial contexts, religious spheres, and professional communities. A particularly interest is in violence and mistreatment in interpersonal relationships, human and women’s rights and issues of citizenship, equality and equity. The two groups within this RG are Violence, Conflict and Empowered Solutions and Transnationalism, border-crossing and agency.

Diversity and Intercultural Education RG - PI Maria-Liisa Järvelin  
Has knowledge and experience in action research, ethnography, phenomenography and discourse analysis and will provide expertise in learning processes, skills and competences required for coping with global and societal changes, focusing on ethical issues and the role of education; human rights, and conditions for equity and constructive human relations.

Postcolonial perspectives on diversity and equality RG - PI Vanessa Oliviera
Will offer innovative forms of analysis and new ways of working together, particularly in international and academic-professional partnerships.

Social dialogue and conflict resolution RG - PI Timo P. Karjalainen
Focus on environmental and social impact assessment of large-scale mining and energy projects and develop strategic tools for enhancing dialogue and collaboration between the business sector, governmental actors, local people and different stakeholders.

Multiple use of resources: conflict, co-existence or symbiosis  RG- PI Anne Tolvanen
Investigates how the ecosystem service concept aids at promoting sustainable land use and can be adopted to natural resource governance.

Smart City RG - PI Helka-Liisa Hentilä
Provides expertise on integrative, ICT supported participatory planning practices and processes. The RG is experienced in planning for physical activity and citizens’ well-being as well as in regional and rural development and policy and use of GIS in regional research.

Smart Architecture RG - PI Aulikki Herneoja
Expert in adaptive lighting, techno-spatial relations and ethnographic studies, and will provide information on the integration of different objectives within the architectural design concept, computerized manufacture that benefits the building design and construction process automation.

Digital society RG - PI Anri Kivimäki
Has extensive experience in ICT research and business, especially in 3D Internet and mobile telecom, user test community and marketing and user-driven innovations. The RG will promote the City of Oulu as a Living Lab environment to drive the Smart City vision.

Observing and visualizing the North RG - PI Elena Kozlovskaya
Provide expertise in organizing multidisciplinary observations of environmental parameters in the North, data management and visualization, utilization of e-infrastructures, international cooperation and integration into international research communities.

Control for sustainable technology RG - PI Kauko Leiviskä
Expert in modelling, monitoring, measurements and control of water and waste water treatment, mining industry processes and in energy production such as small to medium-size bio-fuel boilers; hydrogen infrastructure; solar power and hydro power plants.

Intelligent energy RG - PI Enso Ikonen
Experts in advanced control and optimization of industrial processes and water distribution networks, and power plant automation. The RG contributes with development in state estimation, intelligent control, process control and optimization, and flexible boiler control in power plants.

Smart water RG - PI Jaakko Rämö
Specialists in monitoring and managing chemical elements and compounds in waters and waste waters, monitoring bacteriological activity, computational chemistry and liquid phase optical measurement. The RG will contribute with the application of monitoring in water management.

Modelling for sustainable technology  RG- PI Esa Muurinen
ill provide input into predicting the dispersion of emissions from industrial activities and human societies and aid the design of better industrial processes.

Materials flow and smart energy networks RG - PI Eva Pongrácz
Expert in Northern environmental technologies. The RG will contribute with promoting sustainable consumption habits; improving the quality of material, energy and information flows in the North and horizon scanning for Arctic environmental technologies.

Last updated: 16.10.2013