Principal Investigators

Eva Pongrácz, RC Head, is Director of the Centre of Northern Environmental Technology based at the multidisciplinary Thule Institute and is expert in industrial ecology and sustainability assessment.

Arja Rautio, research professor of Arctic Health, leads international programs in Circumpolar Health and Well-being, health expert of the Arctic Council & International Arctic Science Committee. She provides expertise in environmental and indigenous health and pathways for social exclusion.

Vappu Sunnari is expert in gender issues in the North, violence and mistreatment in interpersonal relationships. She will provide expertise in globalization from a gender perspective, as well as human and women’s rights and matters of citizenship, equality and equity and participatory action research.

Seija Jalagin is expert in cultural interaction and gender history, transnational phenomena, gender and religion, history of childhood, mental images and stereotypes.

Maria-Liisa Järvelä is expert in education, psychology, sociology, linguistics, gender and cultural studies. She is involved with innovative, intercultural teacher education, and is active especially in ethics, diversity and globalisation aspects of education.

Vanessa Oliviera is expert in bridging interdisciplinary theories in globalization, development, diversity and educational, and practices in global citizenship, ethics, interdependence and responsibility.

Timo P. Karjalainen is expert in inter- and transdisciplinary methods, environmental and social impacts of climate change and large-scale industrial projects, collaborative planning and conflict mediation.

Anne Tolvanen professor in the ecology of multiple-use forestry, forthcoming leader of Metla research program on multiple use and ecosystem services of forests (2014-2018), is expert in restoration ecology, climate change and land use conflicts.

Helka-Liisa Hentilä, professor in Urban Design and Planning, Head of the Department of Architecture, is an expert in the theory and practice of sustainable urban design and planning. She is a leading expert in integrative urban development as well in links between land use planning and physical activity.

Aulikki Herneoja is leader of adaptive lighting projects and partner of projects in evaluating ubicomp systems in real world settings and digitally designed structures.

Anri Kivimäki is an expert in wireless telecommunication and software development. With working experience in Nokia and facilitating start-up business, she will promote industry-academia cooperation. She is experienced in EU funding, acted as an FP7 national contact and is WP leader in Smart City EU projects.

Elena Kozlovskaya is seismologist at the Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory and expert in large-scale, long-term geophysical observations and geophysical data processing, modeling and visualization.

Kauko Leiviskä is Dean of the Faculty of Technology, expert in modelling, control and optimization of paper and metallurgical industries, has been Scientific Director of the European Network of Excellence for Smart Adaptive Systems. He has an extensive academic applied project base funded by Tekes and EU, Member of Board in the Finnish Metals and Engineering Competence Cluster.

Enso Ikonen is expert in process control, he is a member of the International Federation of Automatic Control, Technical Committee on Adaptive and Learning Systems.

Jaakko Rämö is expert in chemical water treatment, corrosion phenomena and chemical analytics, with extensive experience in the water industry cluster. He is also coordinator of the Nordic Mining School, which opens many windows of collaboration for the RC on health and welfare of mining communities.

Esa Muurinen is expert in transport phenomena, separation processes, fluid dynamics and multicomponent mass transfer, as well as modeling and simulation of physical and chemical phenomen

Last updated: 17.10.2013