Illuminating the Arctic

25.11.2013 12:00 to 16:00
Environmental Sciences Building, IT 116

Meeting and discussion event was held for LUMINOUS researchers on the occasion of coming Arctic Research Programme of the Academy of Finland, as well as the Horizon 2010 Programme and NordForsk funding opportunities.


A LUMINOUS idea: Presenting the RC - Eva Pongrácz

Research groups in focus

How to work together? - Funding options


Researchers and PIs expressed interest to know more about the research within the RC by other RGs. It was suggested that RGs would be active and organize thematic events to present their research to the RC. Regarding the funding options, RGs were encouraged to apply to coming calls and take the opportunity to use this platform to find partners. The suggestion was that the PI who is planning interdiscpilinary proejects would invite other PIs and RGs to participate in the project planning process.  Finally, it was agreed that the next such meeting will be held after the RAE results have been published.

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