Researchers traveling: 7th Conference on Recrystallization and Grain Growth in Gent, Belgium

Jaakko Hannula, Aarne Pohjonen, Mahesh Somani, Oskari Seppälä and Antti Kaijalainen, will be attent to the 7th Conference on Recrystallization and Grain Growth  in Gent, Belgium on August 4 - 9. 2019. The conference will cover a wide variety of topics related to recrystallization and grain growth phenomena in various materials, including metals, minerals and ceramics, for structural, functional and geological materials. Conference is also specialized characterization techniques of annealing phenomena. Materials and Mechanical Engineering Research Unit researchers will present following topics:

  • M C Somani, D A Porter, L P Karjalainen, P Kantanen, J Kömi, R D K Misra,
    On the Recrystallization Characteristics and Kinetics of Two High-Si DQ&P steels
  • A Pohjonen, O Seppälä, A Jokiranta, A Kaijalainen, M Somani, D Porter, J Larkiola, J Kömi,
    Determination of static recrystallization and recovery parameters for steel by fitting model to stress relaxation data
  • J. Hannula, A. Kaijalainen, D. Porter, J. Kömi,
    The effect of microalloying on prior austenite grain growth of low-carbon slab material
  • O. Seppälä, A Pohjonen, J Ilmola, A Jokiranta, A Kaijalainen, M Somani and J Larkiola,
    Simulation of deformation and static recrystallization in the stress relaxation test
  • A Kaijalainen, O Seppälä, V Javaheri, A Pohjonen, D Porter and J Kömi,
    Comparison between experimental data and a cellular automata simulation of martensite formation during cooling

Last updated: 18.6.2019