Health and Wellbeing Research Group

Mission: To develop online biosensors for applications of human physiology and to develop analytical services for the food sector, analyzing of plant ingredients, their bioactivities and processing of plant material. Analysis services are always important together with research and development.

Core know-how: Biosensors: electrochemical enzyme based sensors and immunosensors and optic SPR-sensors. Versatile processing and analyzing of plant materials.

Services: Joint-funded research, commisioned research, analytics, consulting, gadget rental and space rental.

Main applications: Wellbeing, sports and physical training, home and point-of-care diagnostic, food industry.

Analytic service cases: Composition of food (including fatty acids, phenol compounds, sugars, C-vitamin), antioxidant activity (ORAC), total amounts of bacteria, anions (including acids), cations (including ammonium).

Research method cases: biosensor based analyses of saliva samples, extractions of plant material, fractionations, dryings, cultivation of bacteria and DNA based profiling and recognition, cultivation of yeasts, mammal cell cultures, quantitative PCR, flow cytometer, enzymatic activity assays, sampling and processing of blood samples.


Contact information

Research manager, Ph.D Pekka Kilpeläinen

Tel. +358 294 488 111, pekka.t.kilpelainen(at)


Last updated: 18.7.2018