University Strategy of Kainuu KICK-OFF Project

Project description

Kick-off project for University strategy of Kainuu (KKKS) serves the needs of Kainuu and it helps to improve the collaboration between Universities in Kainuu. The strategy brings orderliness, makes the roles of universities clearer and weaves actions of mother campuses which all ones help to develop Kainuu area. The aim of Kick-Off project is to start KKKS-work in a concrete level, to map and to design follow actions which will be carried out by national and international fundings.

There are six sectors from three sphere of operations:

  • Design and marketing of wellbeing coaching
  • Senior people as survivors in everyday life; the aim is to design follow projects linked to games, simulations and self-help. Next projects help senior people to survive at home for longer time.
  • Usage of non-invasive methods in natural products of Kainuu and self-help is a part of development of health life.
  • Starting of a Master’s programme in computer games and gamification
  • To improve the product development and testing services of mining industry
  • To develop mining knowledge in the master’s level, possibilities of continuing training

Collaboration universities of Kajaani University Consortium (Oulu, Lapland, Eastern Finland and Jyväskylä) and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences carry out the project. CEMIS-Oulu, CHT, TOL and process technology department participate in the project of University of Oulu. The project is carried out 18.11.2013-31.12.2014 and the budget is 406 000 euros.

Project coordinator

University of Oulu