Project description

Biomarkers of nutritional status in malnutrition of elderly persons

Project: NURSE – Nutritional research on the non-invasive screening and diagnosis of malnutrition in elderly persons.

Partners: CEMIS-Oulu ja Luke Jokioinen

Time: 1.1.2015–30.6.2016

Funding: Awarded by the Directorate General of Health and Consumers Affairs of European Commission and based on a research call Healthy diet: early years and aging population. The NURSE is a preparative project to form a collaboration network in European Union and to produce the first initial results needed for applying larger major project.

Aims: The projects aims to develop ELISA and biosensor assays for biomarkers of nutritional status. In particularly, focus will be on simultaneous measurement of several analytes that preferably is done by a single multianalyte assay. In addition, a small-scale nutritional study assessing feasibility of salivary biomarkers for evaluation of malnutrition risk in elderly persons will be carried out. For comparison, the malnutrition risk is evaluated also with a traditional questionnaire. The study takes place in Kainuu region in collaboration with the Kainuu Social and Health Care Joint Authority.
The malnutrition of elderly persons is one of the most important health problems in Western world. In European Union, 20 million elderly persons are suffering from malnutrition. The annual costs caused by this are evaluated to be 120 billions.

Contact person: Research Manager Pekka Kilpeläinen


Project coordinator

University of Oulu