Project description

Kajaani University Consortium develops high value products from biomass raw materials

CEMIS-Oulu has got 245 600 euros ESR funding from Kainuu ELY-Centre to develop high value products from biomass raw materials. (BIOHIVA projects)

The aim of project is to refine biomass of Northern Finland to valuable products and interesting novel materials for industry. The aim is to improve revenues of micro, small and medium enterprises by a larger refinement value and new innovative products.

The main results of the project are new high value products from natural biomasses and processing of side flows for food and cosmetic industry.

BIOHIVA project is carried out in 1.11.2012–31.12.2014 and its budget is 307 000 euros. Self-financing of University of Oulu is 50 962 euros and financing of industry is 10 438 euros. The project includes 46 man-months. The responsible manager of the project is Vesa Virtanen and the project manager is Jouko Käsmä.  

Partners are Lumene Oy, Kiantama Oy, Osuuskunta Ärmätti, Valioravinto Oy ja LAromi Oy.

Biohivan innovaatiomalli

Biohivan kaupallistaminen

Innovative high value products processed from plant based raw materials

Posteri - Product innovations from plant based raw materials Showcase: Lingonberry

Project coordinator

University of Oulu