Machine Design

Machine Design research unit´s main goals for research and teaching  can be divided into:

- Automotive vehicles

- Conventional Machine Design

- Machines of paperindustry (Machine Construction)

- Computer Aided Design

Staff of Machine Design research unit are professors, teachers, PhD students and project researchers. Research in Machine Design research unit is concentrated to variable research projects which accomplished in co-operation with finnish industry.


Automotive vehicles

Automotive vehicles is concentrated for teaching nowadays requirements of a automotive industry. Automotive vehicles sectors are truck industry, automotive design, product developement and costruction technics. Finnish automotive industry guarantees good quality of teaching and research projects by its co-operation.


Conventional Machine Design

Conventional Machine Design have been unchanged for a decades. Conventional Machine Design is all about basics of a Machine Design without forgetting nowadays requirements.


Machines of paperindustry

Machines of paperindustry is advanced studies which aims to make professionals for paperindustry in future. Machines of paperindustry covers every step from wood to paper. Machines of paperindustry is in co-operation with finnish paperindustry.


Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Desing is a tool of Conventional Machine Design and it is nowadays one of a most visible part of Machine Design because allmost every Machine Design companies have changed their pens and papers for a computers. Computer Aided Design allow modeling difficult structures and working 3D-models with computer.

kuva CAD-mallista

Computer Aided Design drawing or CAD-model.





Research projects

Research projects of Machine Designresearch group are from Industry and couple examples are:

- Automotive vehicles

- Paperindustry

- Machine Design

- Machine mechanics

- Shipyard industry

- Vibration machanics




Juhani Niskanen (Machines of paperindustry, Machine Construction, Machine Design) (Head of research group)

Mauri Haataja (Automotive vehicles, professor (Emeritus))



Tapio Korpela (Computer Aided Design, Machine Design)

Eino Antikainen (Machine Design, Machine Contruction, Machines of paperindustry)

Perttu Niskanen (Automotive vehicles)


PhD students

Lassi-Pekka Keränen (Machine Design)

Miro-Tommi Tuutijärvi (Automotive vehicles)


Other Staff

Project researchers

Karoliina Jokinen (Automotive vehicles, project manager)

Jarmo Junnikkala (Automotive vehicles)

Jonne Untinen (Automotive vehicles)

Ville Pirnes (Automotive vehicles)


Last updated: 26.2.2019