Mechatronics and Machine Diagnostics

The purpose of the education and the research at the research unit of mechatronics and machine diagnostics is to provide all basic skills for designing highly automated machines. In addition, students get acquainted with condition monitoring of machines and they are also prepared to work in the field of industrial maintenance.

One doctor, one university teacher and four doctoral students work permanently at the research unit. Varying number of researchers and exchange students also work at the laboratory.

Research activities of mechatronics

Virtual modelling

Damping in vehicles (semiactive damping systems)

Intelligent materials and structures

Mechatronical applications in medical technology

Applications of machine automation

Research Activities of Machine Diagnostics and Maintenance Technology

The purpose of maintenance is not just to maintain the machines in excellent condition, but also to improve the reliability and quality making ability of the machines. On the other hand, modernisation of the machines increases their work capacity, which is often more advantageous than to build extra capacity both from a financial and an ecological viewpoint. All these actions require traditional diagnosing of machine condition. Modernisation and maintenance actions form a major part of the turnover of various large machine shops in the future.

Certain research activities

Diagnosing condition of slowly rotating machines.

Using fuzzy logic, neural networks and linguistic equations in automated machine diagnostics.

Remote diagnostics and wireless transfer of vibration signals.

Oil analysis and tribology.

Using real and complex order time derivatives in signal processing and active damping.

Last updated: 28.10.2016