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Adlard B, Vachon J, Lemire M, Ayotte P, Bonefeld-Jorgensen EC, Long M, Olafsdottir K, Odland JO, Rautio A, Myllynen P, Sandanger T, Dudarev AA, Bergdahl IA, Wennberg M, Berner J. MercuNorth – Monitoring Mercury in Pregnant women from the Arctic as a baseline to assess the effectiveness of the Minamata Convention. STOTEN, in press, 2020. 

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Abass A., Waits A., Emelyanova A., Miettinen I., Lavikainen A., Rautio A., Oksanen A., One Arctic- One Health project report. Finnish Food Authority Research Reports 3/2019. ISSN 2490-1180. ISBN 978-952-358-005-3.  

Bowen K., Christiansen S., Emelyanova A., Golubeva E., Stonawski M., Skirbekk V. 2019. Living too long or dying too soon? Exploring how long young adult university students in four countries want to live. Journal of Adult Development.

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Golubeva E., Emelyanova A. 2019. The Foster Family as a means of promoting social inclusion of older people in the Russian North. In: Naskali P., Harbison J., Begum S. (eds) New Challenges to Ageing in the Rural North. International Perspectives on Aging, 22. Springer, Cham. 10.1007/978-3-030-20603-1_6.

Gwen Healey Akearok G., Cueva K., Stoor JP, Larsen CVL, Rink E., Kanayurak N., Emelyanova A., Hiratsuka V.Y. 2019. Exploring the term “Resilience” in Arctic health and well-being using a Sharing Circle as a community-centered approach: Insights from a conference workshop. Social Sciences 8(2), 45,

Palaniswamy S., Piltonen T., Koiranen M., Mazej D., Järvelin MR., Abass K., Rautio A., Sebert S., The association between blood copper concentration and biomarkers related to cardiovascular disease risk–analysis of 206 individuals in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology, (2019) 51, 12-18.


Abass K., Emelyanova A., Rautio A., Temporal trends of contaminants in Arctic human populations. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (2018) 25: 28834.

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Adlard B, Donaldson S, Odland JO, Weihe P, Berner J, Carlsen A, Bonefeld-Jorgensen EC, Dudarev AA, Gibson JC, Krümmel EM, Olafsdottir K, Abass K, Rautio A, Bergdahl IA, Mulvad G. Future directions for monitoring and human health research for the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme. Glob Health Action, 2018; 11(1):1480084. doi: 10.1080/16549716.2018.1480084. 

Carlsson PM, Breivik K, Brorström-Lunden E, Cousins I, Christensen J, Grimalt JO, Halsall C, Kallenborn R, Abass K, Lammel G, Munthe J, McLeod M, Odland JO, Pawlak J, Rautio A, Reiersen L-O, Schlabach M, Stemmler I, Wilson S, Wörnschimmel H. Polychlorinated biphenyls (PBCs) as sentinels for the elucidation of Arctic environmental change processes: A comprehensive review combined with ArcRisk project results. Environ Sci Pollut Res Int: Aug 25(23):22499-22528,, 2018.

Kuusikko-Gauffin S, Elsheikh S, Bölte S, Omar M, Riad G, Ebeling H, Rautio A, Moilanen I. Emotion recognition from the eye region in children with and without Autism Spectrum Disorder in Arab and Scandinavian countries. Scand J Child Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology. DOI 10.21.307/sjcapp-2018-015.

Rönkä AR, Taanila A, Rautio A, Sunnari V. Multidimensional and Fluctuating Experiences of Loneliness from Childhood to Young Adulthood in Northern Finland. Advances in Life Course Research 35 (2028) 87-102, 2018. https:/

Waits A, Emelyanova A., Oksanen A., Abass K., Rautio A., Human Infectious Diseases and the Changing Climate in the Arctic. Environment International, 121 (2018) 703–713.

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