Faculty of Medicine, FoM is an essential part of the Kontinkangas Life Sciences Campus Area and is situated next to the Oulu University Hospital. The Campus is a unique combination of different partners in research, education, health services and business and it collaborates closely with OuluHealth-ecosystem

FoM is one of the most versatile Medical Faculties in Finland composing of research and education in six disciplines.  In addition to MD and DDS degrees the students can accomplish the Master´s level education studies in Nursing Sciences, Health Management, Teacher education in Health Sciences as well as in Medical and Wellness Technology.

Kontinkangas Campus has two faculties, FoM and Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, both having responsibility in teaching of medical and dental students.

Altogether 220 undergraduate students are graduated, approximately 45 PhDs theses are published and more than 80 specialists in Medicine or Dentistry are trained annually. FoM is collaborating with the University of Applied Sciences. Multiprofessional clinical teaching takes place with nursing, health care and medical students as well as with dental hygienists and dental students.

FoM is strongly integrated with the surrounding society that awaits new discoveries suitable for innovative industry and highly educated experts. In addition to these traditional expectations, the communities and the state government also benefit of the expertise of the FoM in organizing and critically evaluating its basic services and duties.

Currently there is 1515 students, 376 PhD-students and 410 staff members in the faculty. 

Last updated: 9.10.2015