Tuomo Heikkinen, DDS, PhD

Department dentist
Current Position: 
Department dentist
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P.O.Box 5000
FIN-90014 University of Oulu
E-mail: tuomo.heikkinen (at) oulu.fi
Phone: +358 407137074, +358 405152433
Street Address: 
Aapistie 5A
90220 Oulu

Tuomo Heikkinen completed his DDS degree at the university of Oulu 1981, received speciality in orthodontics 1988 and defended his PhD thesis in 1996 at the University of Oulu. He became a docent at the University of Oulu in 2010.  

Heikkinen has worked as a teacher and  clinical supervisor  for undergraduates and postgraduates altogether more than 30 years at  the Department of Oral Development and Orthodontics, Institute of Dentistry, University of Oulu.

Heikkinen has been lecturing  both extreme ends of orthodontic sciences: oral growth and development (embryology) and adult orthodontics. He has been also a consulting orthodontist, and an associate of the cleft palate and craniofacial team, University Hospital of  Oulu. He has had private practice since 1981 and he has been a consulting orthodontist in Oulu area and Meri-Lappi health centers since 1983.

Heikkinen has been a representative of Finland in the EFOSA and Orthodontic teachers forum Wienna 2006, and he was an ERASMUS- visitor in Germany Witten-Herdecke Institute of Dentistry 2003. Heikkinen received 2011 EOS grant  for 3D studies in Twins.

Currently his main clinical  impact has been on  the postgraduate  level. Since 2006 he has been  the  postgraduate program manager at the department.

Heikkinen has been a committee member in the  teams  organizing  two international congresses in Oulu: 1998 Dental Morphology (Abstract book edited by Heikkinen and Proceedings book by John T Mayhall and T Heikkinen)  and 2012 NOS (Nordic Orthodontic Society, Abstract book committee member).

Heikkinen´s  research interest has  involved dental disturbances during pregnancy, the role of laterality development in the dentition and  occlusion, asymmetry,  dental morphology and 3D studies on the form of the faces in twins and in special patient groups, recently those receiving Herbst- treatment and orthognathic surgery.

Heikkinen  is a member of  International association of dental research (IADR), European orthodontic society (EOS) and Finnish Dental Society, where he has been a field educator, and also the treasurer of  the Orthodontic section from  2004 to 2006. Heikkinen is the author of more than 24 original articles, 37 congress abstracts and several other publications close to the field (see CV).