Research and teaching carried out in the Faculty of Medicine cover the fields of Dentistry, Medicine, Biomedical Engineering, Medical and Wellness Technology, Health Management Science and Nursing Science.

Students are studying in the following degree programmes:

Dentistry and Medicine

  • Degree Programme in Dentistry
  • Degree Programme in Medicine

Health Sciences

  • Degree Programme in Health Sciences (Bachelor)
  • Master´s Programme in Health Management Science
  • Master´s Programme in Nursing Science
  • Master´s Programme in Health Sciences Teacher Education
  • Master´s Programme in Biomedical Engineering

At the Faculty of Medicine there are four different basic degrees to study: Bachelor of Health Sciences, Master of Health Sciences, Licentiate of Dentistry and Licentiate of Medicine. The language of instruction in most of these degree programmes is mainly Finnish and all applicants have to pass the entrance exam held in Finnish language. Only in the Master´s Programme in Biomedical Engineering the language of instruction is English and the selection is made on the grounds of required documentation.

Study guides and structures for current and previous study years of all degree and master´s programmes you will find in WebOodi. Links to the study structures for study year 2018-19 you will find at faculty´s webpage (in Finnish).


Last updated: 10.10.2018