Ceramics laboratory

The ceramics lab is the heart of the development of new ceramic and composite materials for electronics components. The development of materials can begin from raw materials in powder form and end up as a solid bulk or as a composite in form of foam, paste or ink. The most commonly used methods are sintering, hot-pressing, inject moulding, extrusion and printing (3D, inkjet, screen and stencil printing). The material samples can be realized in form of discs, sheets, rods and rings (even more complex forms with 3D-printing). For finalizing and polishing the material samples diamond saw, grinding and lasering can be used.  

Equipment include:                                                                     

  • furnaces (20 - 250°C, 800 - 1600 °C) 
  • mills 
  • diamond saw 
  • grinder & polishing plates 
  • temperature controlled uniaxial press 
  • printers 
  • moulds & casting equipment

See detailed list of equipment.

If you are interested of co-operation with the lab premises, please contact Antti Paavola.


Last updated: 8.6.2018