Component characterization

The component characterization infrastructure allows measurement of electronic devices under various environments. Electronic components can be measured from low to high voltage, and from frequencies from DC up to 50 GHz. Sensors can be measured depending on their sensing capability. For example, gas sensors can be characterised for their sensitivity for various gases with gas mixing system, and mechanical movement can be produced from high low frequency forces to high frequency vibration. In addition, device can be studied for the reliability with thermal cycling and other stresses. 
Equipment include:

  • LCRs up to 3 GHz
  • Network Analyzers up to 50 GHz
  • Gas mixing unit
  • Optical vibrometers
  • Temperature chambers
  • Oscilloscopes, multimeters etc. 

If you are interested of co-operation with the lab premises, please contact Antti Paavola.

Last updated: 10.6.2019