This project has received funding from the Europeans Union's European Social fund under grant agreement No S20954

Aim of the Project

The MindBusiness project develops a new operational model to advance practices for entrepreneurship thinking in higher education. Earlier projects have focused on enhancing the development of business ideas and supporting startup companies. However, the early phase of entrepreneurial thinking and higher education student activation has been lacking support until now. This is the main aim of the MindBusiness project. The core idea is to inspire students’ entrepreneurial awareness, supporting their self-identification of their own potential and prompting their entrepreneurial capacity.

Main actions of the project are: 1) to establish an active cooperation between the University of Oulu, the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, the entrepreneurs and other entrepreneurial education stakeholders in the Oulu area for developing entrepreneurship education in the higher education sector, 2)to develope educational co-operation among the project partners in terms of curriculum and learning environment development, and 3) to strengthen the role of entrepreneurial education in higher education by forming and implementing a multidisciplinary course based on educational psychology using latest technological affordances.

The main results of this project will include the development of and cooperation in an entrepreneurial education partner network in the higher education sector, an operational model for cooperation in entrepreneurial education between the University of Oulu and the Oulu University of Applied Sciences, and curriculum development and a learning environment for a multidisciplinary 15-credit course with a solid basis in educational psychology. This project will contribute to the early phase of entrepreneurial will and skill recognition and opportunity development in particular. The project has a short and long-term implication for the vitality of the Oulu area.