Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN10 Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) imaging microscope is located on the second floor of Kieppi (Aapistie 5A) in the room 2128B. It can provide spectral information about chemical composition within samples. Our group is mostly interested in imaging biological tissues, but the device can be used to measure other materials as well. The device is equipped with motorized stage, which provides ease of use in finding desired areas of the sample and allows mapping of large areas. Measurement mode can be selected between transmission (transparent samples, e.g. thin tissue slices) and reflection (smooth surfaces, thin coatings, solids and powders).



Maximum sample size: 
- Area of standard microscope slide glass, maximum height 20 mm

Spatial resolution:
- 6.25 µm or 25 µm

Spectral resolution:
- 2 cm-1

Spectral resolution and range:
- Room temperature DTGS detector, spectral range 7600 – 450 cm-1
- Liquid nitrogen cooled high sensitivity MCT-A detectors
         - Single element spectral range 7800 – 650 cm-1
         - Multiple (16) element spectral range 7800 – 715 cm-1

- Imaging ATR Accessory


Thermo Scientific DXR2xi Raman imaging microscope is located on the second floor of Kieppi (Aapistie 5A) in the room 2128B.



Maximum sample size: 
- 100 mm × 75 mm stage x and y dimensions, height ~40 mm

- 532 nm
- 785 nm

Spatial resolution:
- Laser spot size  ~0.6 µm with 532 nm laser and 100X objective
- Spatial sampling rate down to 0.1 µm

Spectral resolution and range:
- 5 cm-1 resolution, range 50 cm-1 to 3500 cm-1 with full-range grating
- 2 cm-1 resolution, range 50 cm-1 to 1800 cm-1 with high-resolution grating

Objective selection:
- 10x
- 50x
- 100x
- 10x water immersion
- 60x water immersion

Example Images:

Figure 1: Cartilage-bone interface, amide 1 peak map.


Contact details:

Lassi Rieppo
Asimov link for reservation


Last updated: 8.4.2020