A long-standing focus of the research unit is to develop new methods and protocols for visualizing the biological tissues and evaluating their biochemical properties to solve deeply rooted problems in musculoskeletal disease and cancer research.  

For these purposes, our research unit has a Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) and a Raman imaging microscope located on the second floor of Kieppi (Aapistie 5A) in the room 2128B.  

FTIR imaging microscope 

Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN10 FTIR imaging microscope (https://bit.ly/2ydr9Ld) can provide spectral information about the chemical composition within samples. The device is equipped with a motorized stage, which provides ease of use in finding desired areas of the sample and allows the mapping of large areas. Measurement mode can be selected between transmission (transparent samples, e.g. thin tissue slices) and reflection (smooth surfaces, thin coatings, solids, and powders). 



Maximum sample size: 
- Area of standard microscope slide glass, maximum height 20 mm

Spatial resolution:
- 6.25 µm or 25 µm

Spectral resolution:
- 2 cm-1

Spectral resolution and range:
- Room temperature DTGS detector, spectral range 7600 – 450 cm-1
- Liquid nitrogen cooled high sensitivity MCT-A detectors
         - Single element spectral range 7800 – 650 cm-1
         - Multiple (16) element spectral range 7800 – 715 cm-1

Fig 1: Thermo Scientific Nicolet iN10 FTIR imaging microscope 

FTIR spectrometer

Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet iS5 FTIR spectrometer (https://bit.ly/3aTRIlD) can be used for fast and accurate ATR or transmission measurements. 


  • iD7 Diamond ATR 
  • iD1 Transmission accessory 

Fig 2: Thermo Scientific™ Nicolet iS5 FTIR spectrometer with iD7 Diamond ATR accessory 

Raman imaging microscope  

The research unit has a Thermo Scientific DXR2xi Raman imaging microscope (https://bit.ly/2xt7c2n). Coupled with the Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™xi Software, the instrument can be used for spectroscopic characterization of a wide variety of materials including biological tissue with minimal or no sample preparation. 



Maximum sample size: 
- With high-precision motorized stage (step size 0.1 µm): 100 mm × 75 mm travel X and Y dimensions; height ~40 mm 

- 532 nm (max power: 10 mW)
- 785 nm (max power: 30 mW) 

Spectral resolution and range:
- Full-range grating (resolution: 5 cm-1, range: 50 – 3500 cm-1
- High-resolution grating (resolution: 2 cm-1, range: 50 – 1800 cm-1

Objective selection:
- 10x
- 50x
- 100x
- 10x water immersion
- 60x water immersion

Spatial resolution:
- Resolution (X, Y axes) with high-precision motorized stage: < 1 µm (laser spot size depends on the laser and objective) 
- Confocal depth resolution (Z axis): < 2 µm 


Figure 1: Thermo Scientific DXR2xi Raman imaging microscope

 Figure 2: Raman microspectroscopic analysis of the tissue-specific composition of the human bone-cartilage junction (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.actbio.2020.02.020


Contact details

To request training or data collection using the FTIR and/or Raman system, please contact

Dr. Lassi Rieppo (lassi.rieppo(at)oulu.fi). 

Staffs or students of the University of Oulu can also reserve the spectroscopic systems by using this link: http://www.asimov.fi/oulu/reservation/index.php



Last updated: 27.5.2020