Rieppo Group

Adjunct Professor Rieppo’s group focuses on biomedical applications of vibrational spectroscopy, i.e., infrared and Raman spectroscopy. Molecules have unique spectral fingerprints, and these vibrational spectra can be used for quantitative (e.g. tissue and biofluid composition) and qualitative (e.g. classification between healthy/diseased tissues) analysis. Different measurement modalities allow spectroscopic measurements of biofluids (e.g. serum), histological sections, and even in vivo assessment of tissues using fiber optics. 

One of the main research topics is osteoarthritis. We use spectroscopic imaging to understand the tissue-level changes occurring in cartilage and bone tissues due to osteoarthritis. The spectra provide information about quantitative changes in tissue composition. We also participate in a project that is developing a new infrared spectroscopy-based arthroscopy tool for assessment of joint tissue quality (http://miracleproject.eu/). We aim assess the degeneration of joint tissues using infrared spectroscopy, which ultimately could be used by orthopedic surgeons to guide arthroscopic surgeries. Furthermore, we have started a project to study synovial fluid samples for diagnostics of joint diseases.

Another topic of interest is spectral histopathology of skin cancers (e.g. melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma). Different histochemical and immunohistochemical techniques are routinely used by pathologists to diagnose skin lesions. However, the current methods do not always provide accurate prognostic information. We aim to find new spectral biomarkers that could improve the assessment of cancer cell aggressiveness and 
the prognostic accuracy for skin cancers. 

We are also interested in disease diagnostics based on serum vibrational spectra. We have several ongoing preliminary studies related to this topic.

If you are interested in joining our group or looking for a topic for Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis topic, contact the group leader.

The research is currently funded by the Academy of Finland.

Lassi Rieppo, Ph.D. 
Adjunct Professor, Academy of Finland Post-doc Fellow
Research Unit of Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology 
Faculty of Medicine
University of Oulu

Ph.D. Students

Bijay Shakya
Pragya Shrestha
Vesa Virtanen


Last updated: 26.5.2020