Research report on digital health status in Finland published as a book

Finnish National Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has 11.06.2019 published a new book, “E-health and e-welfare of Finland. Checkpoint 2018”, where researchers from MIPT research unit in University of Oulu have contributed to various chapters. Jarmo Reponen, Maarit Kangas, Jari Haverinen and Niina Keränen from MIPT together with Päivi Hämäläinen from THL were responsible for the main chapter “Availability and use of e-health in Finland”.

“Major progress has been made in the range of e-health services available to citizens,” says Professor Jarmo Reponen from the MIPT unit. “In addition to electronic appointment bookings and advisory services, citizens can view their own data and communicate with health services more frequently than they could three years ago.”

The researches from MIPT contributed also to the chapter about Finnish healthcare and social care system and ICT-policies, to the chapter about physicians’ experiences of health information systems and to the chapter about future prospects of digital health. The other authors are from THL, Aalto University, the University of Eastern Finland (UEF) and the Finnish Medical Association.

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Last updated: 8.7.2019