WP3 Modularity in Value Co-Creation

      The aims in WP 3 are

  • to explore the mechanisms and processes through which modular services could enhance value co-creation for service providers and customers.
  • in terms of theoretical contribution, we expect to be able to present not only descriptions of value co-creation within certain modular service contexts, but
  • to also offer conceptual development into the on-going discussion concerning value co-creation e.g related to importance of knowledge sharing and utilization capabilities.

The expected results of WP 3 are new knowledge and enablers of

  • How modularity can be utilized in co-creating value with customers as defining the service production process it becomes critically important from the company’s perspective that the processes are truly customer-driven, both at strategy and operational levels.
  • Innovative and value-creating business services in close cooperation with their current and potential customers.

Last updated: 10.4.2012