Research Partners

The collaboration between VTT and University of Oulu is mutually beneficial in many ways. VTT will participate in each Work Package to following tasks giving its competencies and effort to study “Why user involvement is valuable during the different stages of service innovation process service provider and customer perspectives?” 

In WP1, the researchers at Oulu University have strong research background in the fields of value creation, business networks and business models. VTT’s contribution here is especially related to user involvement, e.g. engaging in value co-creation and how this involvement is possible to encourage. In WP2, Oulu University bring forth their knowledge of service modularity and collaboration in business networks to contribute to the development of critical capabilities to define, develop and deliver scalable service offerings with local responsiveness. VTT’s contribution is especially related to user involvement, e.g. how user involvement impacts on business model development. In WP3, Oulu University’s researchers contribute to how service modularity enables the value co-creation of knowledge-intensive services and service elements. VTT’s contribution in this is especially related to how service modularity influences on user involvement.

Last updated: 14.4.2012