Previous and on going research

The members of the project group have done intensive research work within several projects as well and developed their personal expertise in relation to the themes of the present research project.

ModSeC (Modularity Enabling the Development of New Innovative Business Services project) a project conducted in the Tekes Serve programme during 2008-2010. The project explored how modularity  can facilitate the development of innovative solutions in logistics and professional services. ModSeC project results foster research group’s learning process of understanding of business logic within collaborative business networks offering modular business services. The project has received excellent feedback from the internal partners (companies, research organizations) and international partners. Contacts and suggestions for the future collaboration in the field of this new project have been received. Objectives, key findings with the managerial implications can be found at

This research collaboration project (ModuServ) goes beyond ModSeC: e.g. a broader range of the services as research contexts that are in the focus of Serve, modularity is not a key concept to study as in ModSeC but we try to find out ways how the service companies can utilize it for developing and delivering scalable, locally responsive new services and service innovations. In all three perspective, i.e. theoretical building blocks, we utilize the knowledge and results of ModSeC and other Serve projects but we believe that the research on this topic has just taken first few steps.

Last updated: 14.4.2012