Puistola Ulla

Oxidative stress in gynecological oncology


Research unit: PEDEGO


Group leader

Professor Ulla Puistola (MD, PhD)


What do we do

Oxidative stress in ovarian cancer, 8-OHdG serum and immunohistochemical analyses. The association to the prognosis and the differences in different histological types of cancer.

The oxidative stress as a predictive marker for chemotherapy response (Nrf2, Keap1)

Antioksidative enzymes- peroxiredoxins- in borderline ovarian tumors

Oxidative stress and antioxidative enzymes in diseases with increased risk of ovarian cancer ( PCOS, endometriosis)

Oxidative stress in endometria and cervical cancers, the role in the pathogenesis

Objective: To clarify the pathogenesis of gynecological cancers and to find markes for chemotherapy response. To find biochemical markers to recognize the high risk individuals among the patient suffering PCOS or endometriosis


Our team

  • Karihtala Peeter, docent
  • Jukkola Arja, docent

Post doc researchers 

  • Laatio Liisa, MD, PhD

PhD students

  • Sova Henri, MD
  • Pylväs-Eerola Marjo
  • Kangas Juha, medical student

Other staff

  • Salonen Riikka, MD
  • Soini Ylermi, professor, University of Eastern Finland
  • Vähäkangas Kirsi, professor, University of Eastern Finland


Where are we headed

The final results and analyses of oxidative stress in ovarian, endometrial and cervical cancers. The signaling routes of oxidative stress in these cancers and the role of the activation of the regulation routes in the response of cytotoxic and targeting chemotherapy agents.


How to find us


Last updated: 9.7.2019