Dissertations 2019

MRC Oulu dissertations 2019



Vainionpää Raija: Oral health of Finnish prisoners

Patankar Madhura: Modeling and histopathological recognition of anoikis resistance in colorectal carcinoma

Huhtakangas Jaana: Uniapnean evoluutio aivoinfarktin jälkeen

Karjula Heikki: Diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of pancreatic fistulas in severe necrotizing pancreatitis and the long-term outcome of acute pancreatitis

Hynynen Johanna: Status epilepticus in mitochondrial diseases and the role of POLG1 variants in the valproic-acid induced hepatotoxicity

Kivelä Kirsi: Terveysvalmennuksen vaikuttavuus paljon terveyspalveluita käyttäville asiakkaille perusterveydenhuollossa

Urpilainen Elina: The role of metformin and statins in ovarian and breast cancer in women with type 2 diabetes

Tiri Hannu: Comorbidities and mortality of hidradenitis suppurativa in Finland

Pyky Riitta: Physical activity and sedentary behaviour in young men : the determinants and effectiveness of a tailored, mobile, gamified intervention



Sirniö Kai: Distal radius fractures : epidemiology, seasonal variation and results of palmar plate fixation

Ylitalo-Katajisto Kirsti: Paljon palveluja tarvitsevien asiakkaiden yksilöity sosiaali- ja terveyspalvelujen yhteen kokoaminen

Fylakis Angelos: Data hiding algorithms for healthcare applications

Remes Tiina: Signs of radiation-induced accelerated ageing in survivors of childhood brain tumors : the incidence of cerebrovascular disease, neurocognitive impairment, secondary neoplasms, and low bone mineral density after 18 years of follow-up

Niemelä Maisa: Temporal patterns of physical activity and sedentary time and their association with health at mid-life : the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1966 study

Terho Henri: Electrocardiographic risk markers for cardiac events in middle-aged population

Ylönen Susanna: Genetic risk factors for movement disorders in Finland

Kyösti Elina: Long-term outcome, quality of life, and socio-economic consequences of surviving pediatric intensive care

Luukkonen Jani: Osteopontin and osteoclasts in rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis

Sirniö Päivi: Determinants of systemic inflammation in colorectal cancer

Hakala Mervi: Ihokontaktin, ensi-imetyksen, vierihoidon ja täysimetyksen toteutuminen synnytyssairaaloissa

Jussila Katja: On the autism spectrum? : recognition and assessment of quantitative autism traits in high-functioning school-aged children. An epidemiological and clinical study



Mällinen Jari: Studies on acute appendicitis with a special reference to appendicoliths and periappendicular abscesses

Honkanen Tiia: More efficient use of HER targeting agents in cancer therapy

Karki Saujanya: Oral health status, oral health-related quality of life and associated factors among Nepalese schoolchildren

Näpänkangas Juha: Pathogenesis of calcific aortic valve disease

Paavola Timo: Associations of low HDL cholesterol level and premature coronary heart disease with functionality and phospholipid composition of HDL and with plasma oxLDL antibody levels

Arima Reetta: Metformin, statins and the risk and prognosis of endometrial cancer in women with type 2 diabetes

Karttunen Markus: Lääkehoidon turvallinen toteuttaminen ikääntyneiden pitkäaikaishoidossa hoitohenkilöstön arvioimana



Szabo Zoltan: Modulation of connective tissue growth factor and activin receptor 2b function in cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis

Tuomikoski Anna-Maria: Sairaanhoitajien opiskelijaohjausosaaminen ja ohjaajakoulutuksen vaikutuksen osaaminen



Euro Ulla: Risk factors for sciatica

Raza Ghulam Shere: The role of dietary fibers in metabolic diseases

Lotvonen Sinikka: Palvelutaloon muuttaneiden ikääntyneiden fyysinen toimintakyky, sen muutos ja toimintakykyyn yhteydessä olevat tekijät ensimmäisen asumisvuoden aikana



Hänninen Sandra Lynn: Transcriptional control of muscle cell excitation-contraction coupling : the role of activity and mitochondrial function

Väyrynen Otto: Factors affecting aggressive oral tongue cancer invasion and development of in vitro models for chemoradiotherapy assay

Korhonen Tommi: Bone flap survival and resorption after autologous cranioplasty

Ollila Meri-Maija: The role of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and overweight/obesity in women’s metabolic and cardiovascular risk factors and related morbidities



Taka-Eilola Tiina: Mielenterveysongelmat raskausaikana masentuneiden äitien lapsilla Pohjois-Suomen 1966 syntymäkohortissa - yhteys vanhempien vakaviin mielenterveyshäiriöihin

Jussila Päivi: Prevalence and associated risk factors of temporomandibular disorders (TMD) in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort (NFBC) 1966

Kotiaho Antti: Radiation dose determination using MOSFET and RPL dosimeters in x-ray imaging

Alakärppä Antti: Primary sinonasal surgery and health-related quality of life in adults

Lahtinen Antti: Rehabilitation after hip fracture − comparison of physical, geriatric and conventional treatment

Komulainen-Ebrahim Jonna: Genetic aetiologies and phenotypic variations of childhood-onset epileptic encephalopathies and movement disorders



Varpuluoma Outi: Drugs, dermatitis herpetiformis and celiac disease as risk factors for bullous pemphigoid in Finland

Mäkelä-Kaikkonen Johanna: Robotic-assisted and laparoscopic ventral rectopexy in the treatment of posterior pelvic floor procidentia

Rajavaara Päivi: Children’s dental general anaesthesia – reasons and associated factors

Lahtinen Sanna: Complications, quality of life and outcome after free flap surgery for cancer of the head and neck 

Leppänen Joni: The role of hypoxia, innate immunity receptors and stromal response in pancreatic cancer



Piispala Johanna:  Atypical electrical brain activity related to attention and inhibitory control in children who stutter

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