MRC Oulu Focus Area Research Groups selected

MRC Oulu supports 8-12 Focus Area Research Groups by strategic funding which is allocated from the Oulu University Hospital and University of Oulu Research Councils. MRC Oulu has selected nine Focus Area Research Groups for a period of 2013-2016. The selected are the following:

  • Ala-Kokko Tero:  Severe sepsis: pathophysiology, diagnostics, epidemiology and outcome
  • Huikuri Heikki: Risk Profiles of Sudden Cardiac Death
  • Hörkkö Sohvi: Humoral immune response to epitopes shared by microbes and oxidized LDL: the role of mucosal immune system and ‘in utero programming’ in atherosclerosis
  • Jaakkola Jouni ja Maritta: Genes and environmental exposures in the etiology and prognosis of adult asthma and its subtypes
  • Karttunen Tuomo ja Mäkelä Jyrki: Gastrointestinal disorders: diagnosis, prognosis, treatment
  • Kerkelä Risto ja Hakkola Jukka: Molecular mechanisms of cardiotoxicity and hepatotoxicity
  • Majamaa Kari: Genetic, physiological and clinical aspects of brain development and degeneration
  • Petäjä-Repo Ulla: G protein-coupled receptor folding and processing: mechanisms regulating active receptor levels
  • Salo Tuula: Invasion of early stage oral tongue cancer

The selection was based on external evaluation and review process.

Evaluation criteria

  1. Scientific quality and medical importance of the research plan
  2. Feasibility of the research plan (i.e. other funding, research environment, cooperation contacts for the research)
  3. Merits of the applicant and the research team members
  4. Significance of the research project for the advancement of professional careers in research and research training

Next evaluation and selection of new Focus Area Research Groups will be performed in 2016 for a period of 2017-2020.

Last updated: 10.9.2018