Kerkelä Risto

Molecular Cardiology


Research unit: Biomedicine


Group leader

Professor Risto Kerkelä (MD, PhD)


What do we do

Aim of this research is to identify and investigate regulatory pathways involved in pathology of cardiovascular diseases. The research involves both in vivo and in vitro applications with active translational focus. We utilize genetically engineered mice and cutting-edge pharmacological tools in our research to dissect the roles of key signaling elements in experimental models of cardiovascular diseases. By this, we aim to identify novel targets for therapy to prevent or reverse the development of cardiovascular diseases.


Our team

  • Johanna Magga, PhD (Pharm)
  • Jarkko Piuhola, MD, PhD
  • Olli Tenhunen, MD, PhD
  • Johanna Ulvila, PhD
  • Tarja Alakoski, MSc
  • Manar Elmadani, MSc (Pharm)
  • Leena Kaikkonen, MD
  • Zoltan Szabo, MSc
  • Saija Taponen, MSc
  • Laura Vainio, MD
  • Raisa Haataja, BSc
  • Teemu Kilpiö, Med. Cand.


Where are we headed

A number of signaling pathways are activated during cardiac hypertrophy and remodeling, but specific therapies to treat these conditions are yet to be developed. Our aim is to investigate those mechanisms by modifying the activity of key signaling pathways by using pharmacological compounds as well as novel genetic approaches.


Our main collaborators

Professor Olli Ritvos, Haartman Institute, University of Helsinki
Professor Kimmo Porkka, University of Helsinki
Adjunct professor Helder Santos, University of Helsinki
Dr. Krister Wennerberg, FIMM, University of Helsinki
Professor Walter J Koch, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia
Professor Thomas Force, Temple University School of Medicine, Philadelphia
Professor Istvan Szokodi, University of Pécs, Hungary
Professor James Bibb, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas


How to find us


Last updated: 9.7.2019