Nieminen Miika

Medical Physics Research Group


Research unit: Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology (MIPT)


Group leader

Professor, chief physicist Miika T. Nieminen, PhD


What do we do

Medical imaging, a cornerstone of diagnostics, involves various aspects of medical physics. The development of new imaging methods can improve the detection of disease. When using x-ray based methods, it is essential to optimize the imaging practices to avoid unnecessary exposure to ionizing radiation. The quality of all components in the imaging chain contribute to the quality of the diagnosis.


Our team

Post doc researchers

  • Casula Victor
  • Hanni Matti
  • Henschel Henning
  • Inkinen Satu
  • Kotiaho Antti
  • Lammentausta Eveliina
  • Manninen Anna-Leena
  • Rautiainen Jari


  • Elsayed Hassaan
  • Hänninen Nina
  • Juntunen Mikael
  • Kajabi Abdul Wahed
  • Karjalainen Jouni
  • Ketola Juuso
  • Paalimäki-Paakki Karoliina
  • Peuna Arttu
  • Surazynski Lukasz
  • Väärälä Ari


Where are we headed

The particular aims of the research are:

  • Develop novel magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques for the early detection of musculoskeletal diseases, most importantly osteoarthritis in experimental, pre-clinical and clinical MRI environments
  • Develop and implement methods for radiation dosimetry in diagnostic radiology
  • Develop x-ray based methods for tissue characterization
  • Investigate the relationship between image display performance and diagnostic accuracy


Our main collaborators

Prof. Martin Englund, University of Lund, Sweden
Prof. Leif Dahlberg, University of Lund, Sweden
Prof. Jutta Ellermann, University of Minnesota, USA
Prof. Siegfried Trattnig, Medical University of Vienna, Austria
Prof. Mikael Boesen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Daniel Jandačka, University of Ostrava, Czech 
Prof. Samuli Siltanen, University of Helsinki
Prof. Ari Heinonen, University of Jyväskylä
Prof. Jaro Karppinen, University of Oulu
Prof. Petri Lehenkari, University of Oulu
Prof. Osmo Tervonen, University of Oulu
Prof Simo Saarakkala, University of Oulu Mikko Nissi, University of Eastern Finland Rami Korhonen, University of Eastern Finland Timo Liimatainen, University of Oulu


How to find us


Last updated: 9.7.2019