Nikkinen Juha

Research Group of Medical Physics in Radiotherapy


Research unit: Medical Imaging, Physics and Technology (MIPT)


Group leader

Juha Nikkinen, PhD, Adjunct Professor


What do we do

Our main research topic is the medical physics and technical methodology inside of radiotherapy. The aim is to exploit our results developing radiotherapy treatments safer and more efficient. The tools are dosimetry with different methods, imaging prior to  and during the treatments, and to utilize the obtained information in the doseplanning. New radiation therapy accelerators offer the possibility to intensity modulated treatments (IMRT), image guided treatments (IGRT), volumetric modulated arc treatments (VMAT), respiratory gated treatments (R as well as treatments with high dose rate using an unflattened fields (FFF). Introduction of these technologies and the applicability of the different objects treatments are our important research topics


Our team

  • Nikkinen Juha, PhD, Adjunct Professor
  • Heikkilä Vesa-Pekka, PhD
  • Lehtiö Kaisa, MD, PhD
  • Eneh Chibuzor, PhD


  • Henttu Pertti, PhL (Tech)
  • Hietala Henna, PhL
  • Karppinen Piia, MSc
  • Kavaluus Henna, MSc
  • Kurttila Maria, PhL
  • Lehto Joonas, MD
  • Seppänen Sini, PhL


Where are we headed

Now, we are focused on external and internal prostate radiation therapy, where we clarify the effects of the variation of prostate location and shape on the prostate actual dose distribution, We also study the need of adaptive doseplanning, the possibility to use gel between prostate and rectum as rectum protection, as well as a possibility to use hypofractionation in prostate radiotherapy.


Our main collaborators

Division of Urology
Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK)
Department of Physics/Biophysics, University of Oulu


How to find us


Last updated: 9.7.2019