Turpeinen Miia

Prediction and prevention of adverse drug events


Research unit: Biomedicine


Group leader

Professor Miia Turpeinen, MD, PhD


What do we do

Polypharmacy, i.e. use of multiple medicinal products at the same time, is widespread in current drug therapy framework. Management of complex diseases often requires concomitant use of products for synergistic actions, while multiple preventive medications create situations in which pharmacotherapy of any additional condition results in polypharmacy. Particularly, advanced age is often associated with a number of comorbidities, which require the use of several drugs. Consequently, 75 to 80 year old subjects have an average of 10 drugs in regular use. As a drawback, polypharmacy is a major reason for serious or fatal adverse drug events (ADEs), constituting a major concern in all pharmacotherapy. The incidence of ADEs is fourth of the leading causes of death in the Western world and ADEs contribute to significant economic losses and increased hospitalization.

Polypharmacy is usually managed by following development of subject’s symptoms and disease progression, and adjusting drug dosing and selection accordingly. However, this cannot usually take into consideration many subject-centered treatment uncertainties and there are situations in which more objective ascertainment of individual drug use would be desirable. In addition, medication errors and patient incompliance are often neglected in medication reconciliation and remain unidentified in acute hospitalizations and readmissions.


Our team

  • Turpeinen Miia, MD, PhD, professor, group leader
  • Sneck Sami, PhD

PhD students

  • Hautajärvi Heidi, MSc
  • Holtinkoski Tarja, MSc
  • Laatikainen Outi, MSc (Pharm)


Where are we headed

Most ADEs could be predicted and avoided beforehand. The main objective of our research project is to develop an integrated, multimodality approach to better detect and identify ADEs, and to safely manage polypharmacy and promote rational drug prescribing.


Our main collaborators

Docent Ari Tolonen, Admescope Ltd
Docent Sampo Mattila, University of Oulu
Prof. Jouko Miettunen, University of Oulu
Docent Kari Laine, Medbase Ltd
Sirpa Ämmälä Oulu University Hospital


How to find us


Last updated: 9.7.2019