Open research seminar on the theme of creative research methods in child and youth studies , Oulu, Finland

Tiistai, toukokuu 6, 2014


The deadline for registration to the open research seminar has been extended until Friday 11th April.

The Finnish Youth Research Network hosts regular open research seminars designed to promote discussion within youth research and to provide a forum for scholars to present and get feedback on their research.

The seminar organized in May will take place in Oulu a day before the VI Conference on Childhood Studies “Values of Childhood and Childhood Studies” and is equally open to the participants of the conference as well as to others interested in the subject. This one-day seminar involves a lecture by Dr Debbie Watson followed by discussions based on the working papers of the participants. Dr Watson works as a senior lecturer in Childhood Studies at the University of Bristol and her research interests lie in the area of creative, participatory and play-based research methodologies in relation to studies on children’s and young people’s wellbeing. Thus, the themes mentioned will be dealt in her lecture and in the seminar, where Dr Watson comments on the working papers.

The lecture and the seminar are open to approx. 25 participants (depending on the venue, still to be confirmed) but the possibility to present a working paper is open for 5-7 researchers only. Interested participants are invited to fill in the electronic registration form by 11th of April. More information and registration form can be found from the website of the seminar

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